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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Breaking the Law

"Most of us listening to some illegal music files downloaded from the internet. Do we ever feel kinda breaking the law or something? Even those have been covered with copyrights, law, and whatsoever."

No, I dont think so.

The internet has no space for any kind of law, rule, copyright, and something like that. Users dont give them any chances, although as people outside from the internet, we know that doing something illegal like that is illegal.

But the internet gives us anything, including a bunch of illegal stuffs in "different way". And yes, we take it as the solution to get anything for free without having any kinda "breaking the law feelings." It's usual, people do the thing everyday, so why we have to still feeling guilty anymore? We feel that we are not stealing anything if all we are doing is just sitting down and relax in front of our own computer, not even your own computer which us stole.

Yeah, no need to goody, this internet thing gives us the guilty pleasure feeling.